Does Airsoft Hurt?

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In this post we will explore whether or not airsoft actually hurts and, if so how much!?


The short answer is, yes and no…

So lets explore when and why being hit by an airsoft bb would hurt and what can be done about it.


Obviously, range will be a factor. the closer you are to the gun that fires the airsoft BB, the more it will sting.


A lot will depend on the weapon being used. An airsoft pistol is likely to sting less than a sniper style gun. With that being said, any weapon with a higher FPS (feet per second) is going to hurt more than one with a lower FPS, but again distance between you and the weapon will play a big factor.

Pain Tolerance 

This is a very individual thing as everyones tolerance for pain varies a great deal. I think its fair to say that although being hit with a BB does sting a bit it totally should not be so bad so that it will stop you playing. 



This is going to play to the big part in whether the flying BB’s connect with skin as the easiest way to prevent this is to cover up!

Standard Cammo style pants and jacket is going to be fine in taking the nip of of the flying BB’s. one area that should not be overlooked is face and eye protection….

This is important as a BB in the eye can cause serious damage. As a bare minimum a good set of non shatter goggles should be worne.

If you would like to go the whole hog, then a full face mask does two things, 

First it protects the whole face and eyes and secondly some of them look freaking awesome!

The guy in the video decides to take 200 BB’s to the body. You can see that they are being shot from a fair distance and the results are interesting!


So the bottom line is, airsoft does hurt but not very much and if you cover up properly then you will be able to have hours of fun without having to worry about getting hurt.

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