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Buying a new pistol for your loadout is an exiting thing to do.

In this post I'm going to give you all the information you need to be able to buy the best airsoft pistol in 2017 that wont break the bank..

Choosing the right airsoft pistol is a tricky subject. It relies on several things, from which type of propellant you like to use through to what your budget will allow you to buy.

I figured the easiest way to go about this is to break each pistol into groups and then give a run down from most expensive to least and finally my top pick.

Best Airsoft Pistol's Under $100

Black Ops 1911 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol


This awesome piece of kit is our top choice for the “under $100” Sector…

Admittedly it is right at the top end of this section but we felt it needed to be featured as its just such an epic piece of kit. 

This premium Black Ops CO2 pistol offers some very high end features with out the silly price tag..

  • For a start this little beauty will achieve around 430 fps when firing a premium 12g bb..
  • It has a full metal construction giving an incredibly realistic feel in the hand..
  • It boasts an impressive blow back system with adjustable hop up..
  • Fully operational slide, locking back when empty..


Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol


This little beauty should require no introduction!

A replica of the World War 2 Colt 1911A1, it remains one of the most popular CO2 blowback pistols on the market, and for good reason.

Made by KWC and licensed by Colt, this semi automatic, full metal sidearm offers a 6mm barrel that can be fully disassembled for easy cleaning and with fully removable grips you always have the option of swapping them out if you want to replace them a different colour.

The soft air colt comes with a mag right out of the box that takes a 12g CO2 cartridge.

Holding 15 bb’s its not got the largest capacity but will deliver around 50 decent shots per cartridge before you start to experience any drop off.

With an adjustable hop up, accuracy is excellent up to around 20 yards and at around 385 fps using a .20g bb is no slouch in the power stakes.

The fully functional metal slide lock does a great job of adding realism to this authentic pistol and with a nice light trigger you’ll be able to squeeze off some rapid fire shots when the heat is on!

At the time of writing you can pick this little beauty up on Amazon for around $96, making one of my favourite airsoft pistols under $100.



So let me introduce my personal number one choice in CO2 pistol’s under $100..


With its full metal construction,  working slide, functional hammer and adjustable hop up the price point of this little beauty makes it a clear winner.


Let me start with the power of this sidearm..

At around 500 fps this is a seriously powerful pistol. Bear in mind the 500 fps is the official power, however, when I put this bad boy through a chronograph it was consistently returning over 600!

Its worth checking on the power restrictions of the local field if your planning on using it at your local milsim.

In testing, the 16 round magazine delivered around 70 shots per 12g CO2 cartridge mostly due to the fact that that this is a non blowback sidearm. I would advise going for a heavier bb, maybe around .25g – .30g in order to compensate for the extra power, a lighter bb just ruined accuracy.

You will get one mag out of the box when ordering and the extremely realistic look and weight will be sure to get your pulse racing. 

Some nice touches are an adjustable rear site and an under rail system which makes it great for taking accessories like a flashlight or laser dote sight.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the trigger has a fairly heavy pull and as a result may not be suitable for younger players.

To wrap up, if your looking for a realistic, accurate and powerful pistol that is brilliantly affordable to round off your loadout then this will not disappoint.


Best Pistols Under $200

Desert Eagle .50 Airsoft Pistol

If you are UK based then you will probably know this gun from the cult classic film Snatch, in which Vinnie Jones famously uses the Desert eagle to intimidate a couple of guys over a pint in a pub!

It is also however, my first pick in our range of airsoft guns under $200….

And for good reason!

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As always if you have any questions please feel free to hit me up!

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